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Child Custody Lawyer Portland

Child Custody

“Custody” of a child means which parent has the power to make important decisions such as education, health care, and religion. The court can award “sole custody” or “joint custody.” Sole custody is when one parent gets to make the decisions for the child. Joint custody is when both parents have equal power to make decisions. The court can order joint custody only if both parents agree to that arrangement. Otherwise, the court must award sole custody to one parent or the other.

"Custody" whether joint or sole, does not have anything to do with the parenting time schedule between the parents and the children. This is called "parenting time." Historically this was called “visitation.”

It is very important to remember that parties with children will have to deal with each other long after their divorce is final. We encourage parents to resolve their disputes as quickly and as amicably as possible without involving the children.

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